Here’s What People Are Saying about LinkPanda:


The OP is really helpful and fast with support issues.

Offer was the Papa Package (20k) backlinks
Total backlinks received 24,361

I really enjoyed this service the OP is helpful and let me use a TON of different Keywords
and URLs Deep linking is a plus. I was also able to use URLs from different domains.

Once I sent my list I got my Full Report less than 24 hours later. There was a little snag
with the list but within 12 more hours I received the service as listed plus a couple
thousand more links

I am very satisfied with the overall service and will do business again soon. I would
suggest this service to anyone.



first i have to say, that dealing with the OP was super fast and very professional.
service was done in less then 24h! and i have received way over my original order, i have ran the list to the scrapebox link checker and my links are 99% there.
it’s one of the best and the quickest services i ever bought on bhw.
highly recommended, and i’ll be buying again in the next few days for deep linking


This guy service is one of the best on BHW keep up the good work and the quality of your service…

His report nice and neat and I can see that these will help alot…

I will be needing your service a lot more in the future…

Itrader + Rep will be left

And Have A Blessed One…


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again since I ordered ANOTHER blast from this service.

I’m extremely happy with the results and the turn around time. Definitely recommend this service!


Awesome service, great guy to deal with. I will definitely come again and use his services 3-4 times atleast for my other sites. I purchased package for 30,000 links. Though some links are not present or not found, but it doesn’t matter, because he already gave me more than 48,000 links. Great great service.

I would recommend it to everyone. Once again, great service. 2 Thumbs UP…


I thought it may be helpful to write a follow up on this service. I ordered the Alpha package for one of my websites (30k links w/ Alpha). This was last week at some point. My website was brand new, and I wanted to see if it could gain rankings and do well with this sort of package.

As of now I have 10k backlinks showing up in Yahoo Site Explorer! This was within less than a week of ordering the service. I originally received 42k backlinks with my order (30k guaranteed).

My rankings are as follows:

* Main keyword – Positing 12 Google
* Sub keyword 1 – Position 4 Google
* Sub Keyword 2 – Position 6 Google
* Sub keyword 3 – Position 10 Google

That isn’t bad for a new site in about a week. These weren’t completely difficult terms but I am already seeing sales as a result of 2 of the keywords ranking.

I’ve already purchased 3 more Alpha’s for some of my other websites. I’ll be back for more! Thanks

Lee Hughes

Time to get the mama package was 12 hours, they are living up to their fast reputation.

They also stupidly over delivered by about 75%!!

Report came in a zip file containing a excel file and a txt file.

Txt file was simply a txt file of all the backlinks making it easy to speed up indexing.

The excel file was spilt into 4 columns.. link | domain | keyword | (I think link health)

The actual backlinks are mainly on wordpress blogs (from which i’ve seen) and the comments are well written and are not spammy. The comments also range from blogs with 10 comments to those with much more.

Only been 16 hours since I have got the report but excellent service

Joanne H.

I received my order very quickly, the links check out and tons of bonus links!

Fantastic service, will definitely order again.



a short review of the service:

paid for 20k backlinks and received 30k, which is a great overdelivering!

I have ask to split the 20k to 5 sites – all was done without any mistakes or additional questions
the job was done within 2-3 days, the communication is great

the only thing I can say – great service



Got my report last night after only a few days – job well done. Ordered 30,000 links which were over-delivered. Checked a whole bunch of random ones and they were all there. Great service, and as you can see by the thread – great communication too. Would not hesitate to recommend and will use again as needed.